Money May Outweigh Love in The Balance of Life

When we simply ask a person "money or love?". They might say love in most of the cases but we humans just think in one way only. We have one track mind but lets think something deep. Let's judge our surrounding our lifestyle, activities and again lets re-decide. If you still think love is more important then let me discuss a little things about us, money and love.

            In today's world, money has become more like a necessary evil and mere love is not enough to sustain life. We live in real world and we should understand that love is not enough for. For example, a person who does not have any source of income suffers from starvation and someone who loves him  feeds him, but for how long? Gradually he becomes a burden. Selfless love is almost surreal. Moreover, these days everything is judged in terms of how much money one can make or earn. People may argue that rich people are lonely whereas one who loves, are surrounded by everybody; their friends, families, etc. But what we should think is that is there any rich and lonely person if yes, then how many? People may say that rich people never had best friends around him but only enemies, or fake people. But can anyone gurantee that if you are not rich you will have best friends? Today, most of the things depend on money.

            When we talk with people who think love is important, there's always one common point which they won't miss out. They say money can buy food not hunger, it can buy bed but not sleep, medicines but not health and life, and so on but these are confined only to philosophy. Practically we can always see one becomes a thief to satisfy an empty stomach, there are sleeping pills to put someone to sleep, medicines for longer life, even doctors don't treat patients without fees, so, owing these examples, value of money has become more or less equal to basic needs. Where you roam around, where you travel and where you live, most of the people respect you if you have a beautiful car, money, and bungalow etc. If you don't have money, you will have less chance to build great future.

            The readers of this article may judge me as a materialistic but what I have discussed are the facts which we all are well known about and which we have faced. I have no intention to point out that love is not important at all but what I tried to do is to see the other side of a coin as a coin has not only a head but also a tail. I do believe that love binds us together; mother's love, parents' love, your siblings' love and love from your friends or other person is important and incomparable. But, lets get into reality and lets try to judge both sides of the coin.

            So, next time when somebody asks "love or money?" may be you'll think for an instant and give your answer. But remember the answer lies on the way you judge and the way you perceive.

Wilbur Acharya

Class: 10