Message from Chairman

Dear Staff, Students, Supporters and Friends of TIA,

The year 2013-2014 has been a beautiful journey for the school in varieties of sectors covering the academic as well as the ECA and the CCAs. It is with the determination of the students, parents, and teachers that the school had a marvelous year. For the past several years, the school has been working for the holistic development of the children. Special attention is given to the students not only in their intellectual field but also to their physical, social and emotional development.
    Leaving far behind the traditional method of imparting knowledge, the school has been giving more priority to the positive way of learning where life enhancing values are put into the daily routine by creating a sound and peaceful environment.
    School is not a one way street but rather a combination of three vital factors: parents, teachers and students. The co-operation and the assistance put forward by the parents and the guardian have heightened the school’s aim to reach the zenith in a very subtle way. TIA has also been facilitating scholarship opportunities to guide and encourage the students.
    I am proud of TIANS for they have embarked in a creative "Journey" of their life. The TIA school family is also more than certain that the students will make a significant difference to the nation in years to come. I am also glad to know that the S.L.C. and +2 students have set good examples for the juniors by showing distinct results in the Board Exams.
    I heartily thank the TIA family members for their incessant effort to make the school a bright one. Your ceaseless struggle is one of the major factors that has made the school a unique in the country. I am also proud to say that the school is progressing in the hands of well experienced pedagogists who are undeterred by any cicumastances. I am certain that you will invariably work for the betterment of the school in the years to come.

    With best wishes for your good health and happiness.

H.E. Dr. Trungram Gyaltrul Rinpoche
Founder Chairperson