Admission Schedule 2017/2018

1.     Distribution of Admission Forms:

        From 18th Falgun, 2073 (Wednesday 1st, March 2017)

2.    Entrance Examination:

        a)  Session 1:

            For Grade I to V, VII and VIII

            19th Chaitra (Saturday 1st April 2017): 10 AM to 12 PM

            Result of I Entrance Exam:

            20th Chaitra (Sunday 2nd April 2017) (School Notice Board)

        b) Session 2:

            For Grade VI and Others

            26th Chaitra (Saturday 8th April 2017):  12 PM to 2 PM

            Result of II Entrance Exam:

            Result: 27th Chaitra (Sunday 9th April 2017) (School Notice Board)

        c)  Session 3:

            For Grade I - VIII

            2nd Baisakh (Saturday 15th April 2017): 10 AM to 12PM

            Result of III Entrance Exam:

            Result: 3rd Baisakh (Sunday 16th April 2016) (School Notice Board)


3.    Interview for Class VI

        a)  Interview: 28th Chaitra (Monday 10th April 2017) : 10 AM

        b) Result: 29th Chaitra (Tuesday 11th April 2017)

4.    Admission:

        a)  For Grade I to V, VII and IX

            From 21st Chaitra (Thursday 3rd April 2017)

        b) For Grade VI:

            From 30th  Chaitra (Wednesday 12th April 2017)

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